My teaching emphasizes interdisciplinarity by merging insights from the fields of urban planning, urban studies, and urban design. Focusing on how scale influences issues students will face in practice, my courses cross-reference the latest insights from these three fields to generate new insights into spatial practices.

history + Theory of envd: precincts

ENVD 3134 covers the history and theory of "precinct"-level design work, covering the fields of landscape architecture, urban design, and small-scale urban planning. The course focuses on the theory and design that connects the built environment to the natural environment. (Taught in Spring 2017; scheduled for Spring 2018)

global cities seminar

ENVD 4100 introduces students to the basic concepts underpinning the study of and planning for cities. It comparatively examines social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues facing cities around the world. (Scheduled for Fall 2017)


urban planning studios

ENVD 3100 is a studio-based course that introduces all junior-level students to the basic concepts of physical planning, namely the process of large-scale urban analyses and of masterplanning. (Scheduled Fall 2017)